Peaches The Perfect End Of Summer Fruit!









Ah the peach!

From August until mid September peaches and everywhere.

For those 6 weeks I eat almost no other fruit.

They signal the summer sun and the approaching fall with it’s cool crisp weather.

Fall is my favorite season so  peach season is a welcome time of year for more than one reason.

In the olden days of not caring about my health, I would make peach long cakes, peach milk shakes, peach cobblers….you name it I made it.

Now I am much more mindful of what goes into my body, I eat many a peach but mainly in it’s purest form as piece of fruit, confirming that it never needed all that flour, sugar, butter and cream.

So if your craving a yummy in-season peachy dessert, check out the recipe below.

As far as desserts go – this one is a winner!



Perfect Raw Peach Pie 


2 cups of almonds
1 cup of hemp seed
1 cup raisins
1 ripe banana
1 t vanilla
1/4 t salt

Blend all the ingredients in a food processor.
Sprinkle a pie plate with fresh crushed nut to keep the crust from sticking.
Put blended crust in pan and spread and shape.

4 ripe peaches, chopped
4-6 T agar (natural thickener)
4 T honey
2 t vanilla extract

Blend all ingredients in the blender for 3 minutes or until smooth.
Transfer to pie crust and smooth.
Garnish with strawberries and mint leaves.

Fresh The Ultimate Live-Food Cookbook
Sergei and Valya Boutenko


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