When Pigs Fly or The Cows Come Home! Procrastination – What’s in it for you?



I speak to ladies all over Fairfield and Westchester counties.

They all have goals and dreams.

They have issues that they want to work on, problems to solve and changes that need to be made.

They don’t like what is going on in their bodies but they are: to afraid, to busy,  or to confused to take a stand and make the change.

This fascinates me.

I am a student of human nature.

With a degree in social and behavioral sciences I love to watch people: alone and in groups.

I want to learn what motivates, excites and keeps them awake at night.

These questions are part of the main reason I started doing what I am doing.

I wanted to help women change their lives and what is more important than their health.

So why are you stuck?

According to Psychology today

There are three types of procrastinators:

  • Arousal types, or thrill-seekers, who wait to the last minute for the euphoric rush.
  • Avoiders, who may be avoiding fear of failure or even fear of success, but in either case are very concerned with what others think of them; they would rather have others think they lack effort than ability.
  • Decisional procrastinators, who cannot make a decision. Not making a decision absolves procrastinators of responsibility for the outcome of events.

Which type are you?

To Read more of this article, click the link below!

So hit that gas peddle and get moving and come on over for a visit!

You Deserve to be Healthy



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