7 Sneaky Ways to Stop Evening Snacking!



7 Sneaky Ways to Stop Evening Snacking!

Can you watch t.v without having a bowl of chips, cookies or candy nearby?

T.V goes on and you mindlessly find yourself searching through the snack drawer, frig or freezer for something to eat.

I would bet you have just eaten and are not even hungry…could this be the real zombie apocalypse?

Eating at night can cause a whole host of problems:

Weight gain, digestive upset, sugar highs that disrupt sleep, feelings of guilt and depression.

There are ways to break the habit of night-time snacking but you have to be strong, have the desire to stop and get good at playing trick on yourself!

I used to run a whole-food quarterly detox and one of the things we would discuss ,as a group, was what strategies the ladies were using to not eat after dinner.

These were some creative ladies.  They inherently knew, that they needed to trick themselves into believing that they were done eating after dinner.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

1. Brush your teeth after dinner – for most of us the brushing of our teeth at night signals that we are done eating and going to bed.  The brushing of the teeth put a clear bookend on the evenings consumption for one client.  I frequently do this and find it works very nicely.  I avoid eating because I don’t want to brush my teeth again.  Laziness prevails!

2.  Most of us middle-aged woman grew up having dessert after dinner (and lunch for me).  We like to end a meal and the day with a sweet treat.  Find a sweet herbal tea that satisfies your sweet tooth but is tons healthier than dessert.  I like Soothing Caramel Bedtime by Yogi Teas – while is taste kind of like dessert it has herbs in it to help you sleep.

3.  Paint your fingernails.  Once client would paint her fingernails or put hand creme on when the dishes were done.  Once again making it harder to eat because who loves that hand-cream taste or that polish smell near your food.

4.  Eliminate hunger as an issue by eating enough throughout the day.  If you have three meals filled with leafy greens, bulky roughage some animal protein and some healthy oils, you should not be hungry.  When you have an urge to snack, think about whether you are hungry or just following a habit. Hungry, eat more at dinner – habit, ignore and move on!

5. Turn off the kitchen lights and shut the door.  One of my detoxers preformed the symbolic closing down the kitchen.  Food away, lights off and door shut.  That ended her eating day.

6.  Do not buy any snacks.  Have you ever gone to the pantry or frig and there is nothing to snack on?  While at the time is can be rather heartbreaking, you get over it fast and find something else to do…which brings me to my final point.

7.  Do something else to take your mind off food.  Put some relaxing music on, read a book, write a letter, anything that will keep you from feeling you need to eat.

The object is to break the habit.  Some say a habit takes 21 days to break some say 30.  The cool things about habits, they are based in repetition and perceived importance.  That which has been created as a habit can be undone with a heathier habit.

So get sneaky, tricky and sly.  Find what strategy works best for you and stop that night-time snacking.  You will sleep better, look better and weigh-less.

Share your sneaky anti-snacking tricks in the comments below!

You Deserve to be Healthy!

Pick a method and see how it feels to you.  Starts out well, stick with it.  It will get harder and then easier.

The benefit of breaking the evening snacking habit is huge.

Hang tough you can do it and then you will lose weight, sleep better.

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