We All Need a Little Help from Our Friends


Whether your a party animal or someone that would rather enjoy quiet alone time there is no disputing the power of friendship.

A Web MD article states ……. “According to an Australian study. Conducted by the Centre for Aging Studies at Flinders University, the study followed nearly 1,500 older people for 10 years. It found that those who had a large network of friends outlived those with the fewest friends by 22%.”

Wow and while having good relationships with relatives is a positive experience it does not seem to increase one’s longevity like friends.

Friends help you fight stress, depression, loneliness and even bad habits.

Having people around that love, support and believe in you is life changing.

People that hang out with friend tend to be more active; playing sports, taking walks, going out dancing or even shopping as opposed to those that spend a large portion of their time alone – usually sitting.

The ladies in the picture above attended a Healthy Cooking Party that I created for the group.  The women had a great time, cooking, learning about how to improve their health, enjoying each other’s company and drinking wine!  I went home that night with my mood and creativity boosted!

Good friends encourage each other to be healthy, lose weight and exercise.

No matter how many you have, good friends will help lessen the emotional burden of a life-threatening disease.

While having friends has huge advantages be careful who you choose as a friend.  Unhappy or needy friends can actually have the opposite affect – increasing stress, creating an unhealthy lifestyle and taking a toll of our mental well-being.

So go out and spend some time with friends doing things you love to do…it’s one of the many things your can do to improve your health and happiness!


What do you and your friends like to do together?


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