Well Whatcha Waiting For? Get Cookin’!


One of the best things you can do to insure your good health is to get down to some serious home cooking.

You don’t have to be a trained chef or spend hours in the kitchen.

One of the biggest issues for my clients is eating healthy food, day in and day out.  The key is planning ahead and grocery shopping for the week.

I had one client that never had anything on hand for her family to eat.  Well maybe some fruit and snacks but she would run to the store on the way home from soccer or ballet and run in and grab dinner – very dangerous behavior.

By 6pm she was tired, stressed and pressed for time.  I would bet she was choosing some crappy food.

She felt really guilty, knew that this type of food shopping was costing her money, added calories and creating unhealthy eating habits in her kids.

The key is to have good food available.  One of my favorite quotes is “If you have food food in the frig, you will eat good food.”

So if you are not a natural planner what’s a girl or guy to do?

1. As you watch t.v at night – open up a few cookbooks or google quick family meals and decide on what you would like to cook.  There are some really good quick recipes out there. Create your grocery list as you go.

2. Have each family member pick a meal that they would like to eat the next week.  Have them help create the grocery list and prepare that meal.  Kids that help cook tend to eat healthier foods.

3. Come up with 14 meals that you are comfortable cooking and rotate every two weeks.  This is cool because you can create a grocery list on your computer that you print off each week.  That is a super time saver/ no brainer!

4. Okay this one is ridiculously simple.  Go to the store – choose 5 clean animal proteins and 10 veggies in enough servings to feed the family.  Grill the meat and steam or bake the veggies.  Oh snap that was easy!

5. My favorite is creating a menu for the upcoming week. (I do this for my 5 personal chef clients) and then on Saturday and Sunday morning go into super cooking mode and make large batches of soup, stews, salads, salad dressings, grilled fish and meats, roasted veggies, rice, quinoa and either package it up as meals or leave as is and create meals throughout the week depending on your mood.  Your fridge becomes and awesome buffet.

Cooking your own food offers you the control over what ingredients go into your body, you get to choose where that food comes from, organic or not and how that food is cooked.

While it does take some planning and time it is by far cheaper, healthier and more rewarding to be eating food you lovingly, and sometimes not so lovingly, prepared for yourself and your family.

I’d love to hear some of your tricks for meal planning and grocery shopping.

Add to the comments below!

Remember You Deserve to be Healthy!



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