It’s the Smoothie VS Juice Big Health Drink Smack Down!

Juice and Smoothie










Yeah juices are all the rage and you know why?  CAUSE THEY’RE DELICIOUS!

Good tasting, good for you and if you have your own juicer they are easy to make.

I get asked all the time if I think juices or smoothies are better for you.

Both have their advantages:

watermellon smoothie

Watermelon Smoothie

Smoothies:  More fiber, more filling, tend to be sweeter, easy to make without any additional equipment as everyone has a blender, very little waste, you can incorporate nuts and seeds into the mix so more of a protein type feel which to many seems more like a meal and one of my clients favorite reasons to like smoothies – you can hide stuff on your kids in smoothies, like kale, spinach, romaine and they never know…shhhhh!

Carrot Orange Ginger Juice


Carrot, Ginger and Orange Juice

Juices:  Faster nutrient delivery – the fiber has been stripped away, tends to be lower in sugar, easier to drink and while you feel satisfied you don’t feel super full, you can get a phenomenal amount of veggies in you fast and easy, more veggie oriented for the most part, for some of us it promotes better regularity than smoothies do, if you have any thing going on that is forcing your body to struggle to obtain nutrition from your food, BAM juices delivers and fast, lower in calories, generally, and let’s face it some can be a beautiful work of art! Damn I love beet juices!

Super Anti Inflammation Smoothie

Blueberry, Sour Cherry and Strawberry Smoothie

Okay so the nutritional value aside…this is something of personal preference.

Both share the “let’s clean up the frig/freezer of odds and ends” advantage.

I collect all the left-over fruits and veggies from my personal chef clients and make the “kitchen sink” juices or smoothies.

DE photos2

Today that was broccoli stalks, 1/2 a fennel bulb, some odds and ends celery, apples, lemons, a few leaves of chard, kale and collards oh and had half a pomegranate hanging around from a pom vinaigrette I made a few days ago.  This bad boy is good and my frig is oh so cleaned out! I’m not proud but I am I so yummed out, this juice rocked!

Yeah but we do the same with smoothies, earlier in the week it was some very ripe bananas (can’t juice those suckers) some fresh blueberries, the rest of a bag of frozen berries, almond milk, walnuts, chia and help seed. Clean as a whistle and sippin’ pretty!

Berries copy

So wether you choose to drink a smoothie or a juice just bear in mind these few things:

Make the ingredients organic – you are choosing to do something healthy don’t mess that up with crappy chemicals, pesticides and GMOs.

Make it fresh – no rotten stuff and it is best to drink what you have made that day – that said if you are making a blender full so you can grab and go – that is a boatload better for you than grabbing some of that other stuff that is more like dessert than a good way to start your day.

Watch the sugar – no, fruit in unlimited amounts is not good for you, maybe better than a bag of snickers bars, but sugar is sugar. Add just enough fruit so you like the taste but focus on the veggies.  As you make more and more smoothies slowly ease off on the fruit even more.  You want to shoot for no more than 2 servings of fruit a day.

Make them a meal – no they are not meant to be added to your bacon and eggs or waffles like a milkshake, these are all natural  traditional meal replacers..  Drink water with your meals, juices and smoothies will add way to many calories if added just as a beverage.

If you need help balancing your blood-sugar/cravings so you can eat three healthy filling meals a day without snacking or needing caffeine or sugary treats to make it through your day, let me know. Not only do I make healthy meals for some of my clients I also help many others achieve their goal weight and optimal health but figuring out what foods to eat and how to prepare them so they will love what they eat.

So let me know what your favorite smoothie or juice is?

Always remember: Your Deserve to be Healthy!  Drink up!


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