Oh Sweet Slumber Where Art Thou?


In recent years I have fallen in love with my bed, okay the sleeping in my bed.
I spent most of my youth and adulthood fighting sleep.
I felt it was a waste of time, boring beyond belief and hey I was cool on 4 hours.
Well, I thought I was.
Between lack of sleep and eating junk food, I was operating on auto-pilot.
There were afternoons that I could not stay awake, had no idea what people were saying to me and couldn’t complete a to-do list if my life depended on it.
That happened almost every afternoon from 1-3. Zzzzzzzzzzzz!
The lack of sleep was draining my energy, stressing me out and driving me to each sugar snacks to keep my energy up!
I knew it was not good but hey when it got to be night-time, I was wide awake and ready to roll.
I knew something had to change and so I did!
I started exercising more, eating better food and crawling into bed with a book each night around 10.
My secret: best sedative ever…..a book…just give me one at about 10pm and I am guaranteed to wake-up some 8 hours later with it plastered on my face..ouch!
I also believe that naps are highly underrated.
If you are able to grab a 15-20 minute snooze – do it!  
So here are some easy tips to try if you are having trouble sleeping at night!

1.  Turn off the TV and computer an hour before you want to retire, put on some cool music, take a bath or put on some comfy night-ware and read a book. 

2. Make sure your bedroom is cool (I like it cold and no socks – my tootsies get to hot), dark and free from electronic devices…..

3. If you are able to leave your drapes or blinds open do, you will naturally rise with the sun.

4. Exercise every morning.

5. Eat the last meal of the day around 6pm and make it light – soups are best, they digest faster and allow you to detox while you’re snoozin’ and minimize sugar lows that will wake you up!

6.  Avoid alcohol after dinner – you may think it helps you to sleep but really alcohol just makes your blood sugar go all rogue and you wake up much more frequently.

7.  Watch your water intake (I know I do).  A couple of glasses of water in the evening will insure that you will be taking that bathroom walk of shame a couple times a night.  Nothing can wake you up better than sitting on a cold seat at 2am!

8.  Best of all and you’re gonna love this one…snack on about 1 oz of organic dark dark chocolate ( no milk and very little sugar added) about an hour before bed and you will slip into sweet slumber in record time.

9.  And if you do wake up at 3am, like many of us – get a cup of chamomile or sleepy-time tea with honey read a chapter of your book, maybe write a little in your journal, put a warm heating pad on your back and you’ll be back in slumber-town in no time! Keep the electronic devices off!  The light will wake you up even more!

Once you get in the habit of sleeping 7-8 hours a night you will notice a huge increase in your energy, stamina and metal acuity.

Oh and an added bonus – you will look younger and be able to lose weight easier….

Can’t beat that!

Sleep tight, You Deserve to be Healthy!

Image courtesy of FrameAngel / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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