Give Sugar the Old Smack-Down!


Is all that sugar you are eating leaving you feeling guilty?

Are you under the illusion that the only way you can get through the day is to eat sugary foods that will give you the boost you think you need to make it through your “to do” list?

Think you don’t have a sweet tooth but crave bread and crackers? (sorry same affect on your body – sugar coaster!)

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a crazy woman about avoiding dairy products.  I know what it does to your health.

But, dairy doesn’t even begin to compare to sugar in how it can adversely effect your health….

Not even close…..

By starting your day with a glass of juice, a bagel, cereal, muffin or donut you are setting yourself up for a day filled with more ups and downs than the Superman Ride at Great Adventure.

Couple that “ride of thrills” with all the damage your doing to your body and I can’t bare to watch.

There are 10 simple things that you should do if you want to be healthy and at third place on that list, after drinking water and exercising is, Give Up The Sugar!

So what’s a sweet tooth to do?

Some people can gradually wean themselves off of sweets, eliminating one serving a day until they are down to a manageable level.

You can substitute in more natural sugar like fruit in for the processed goodies and slowly transition their diet that way.
Most need to go cold turkey.

They are unable to stop at just one (cupcake, snickers bar, little Debbies, soda.)

The good news about going cold turkey is that if you can go a few days without sugar your cravings diminish and it’s affects fade. 

Sugar is a drug and we are addicted.

So when you feel your energy wain and you are thinking you need a snack, try: and drink a big glass of water, go for a quick walk, eat a piece of fruit or a sweet veggie, eat a little protein, have a handful of almonds.

In a short time (usually a few days) your cravings for sugar will disappear and you will have tons more natural energy!


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