Pet Friendly – How Pets Enrich Your Life!


It’s Sunday and let’s talk about something fun!


Pets: dogs, cats, fish, bunnies, pygmy pigs, fish, reptiles and snakes! Okay the last few, not so sure of!


We all know that pets enhance and improve our lives but how?

Pets can ease loneliness and provide companionship

The help reduce stress – the act of petting an animal has proven ability to calm and lower blood pressure.

Having a  pet promotes social interaction – got a cute dog, take Fifi for a walk, you will be an attention magnet, who can resist a cutie.

Pets encourage exercise – dogs need walking which forces you to get out there and move with your pooch!

They add playfulness to our lives – kitties and puppies can really make us laugh with their antics.

Pets provide unconditional love and affection – my fav, it doesn’t matter your mood, your pet loves you. They want to be with you playing, walking or just hanging out.  And they love you in yoga pants that are too small, without make-up and on bad hair day. Triple bonus!

Caring for a pet may even help you live longer – they give you a reason to live and something to look forward to.

So what type of pet do you have and how do they add to your life?

I have had both cats and dogs and at one point 2 of each, along with 2 goats!  It was awesome.


Cats are easier – cat boxes, some food and you are good to go.  You can leave them and go away without stressing about what to do with them so that is a plus.


They offer comfort when they are interested in sitting on your lap or being petted.  They are super entertaining when they are young, bouncing off furniture and climbing to key vantage points only to pounce on passing dogs and children.  We had a cat that was a little pick-pocket and he like to grab paper money and Lego pieces and hid them in the bottom lining of our couch – Lego weapons were his favorite!

I’d take a smidge off for cat liter box smells and surprise slimy fur ball deposits on the floor but overall they fit the bill for companionship.

I now have two elderly dogs and while they take a bit more care then their younger selves, I enjoy every minute with them.

Animal rescue groups are huge and quite a few can be found on face book:  I follow a few in New York City as well as a few nation-wide groups.  My next dog will be a rescue so consider going to your local animal shelter when you are looking for a dog or cat as a pet.

So tell me, what type of pet is your favorite and why?  Do you have a pet that has passed that you have fond memories of?  Please share your story in the comments below!

Have a great rest of your weekend, pet that kitty or puppy and remember

You Deserve to be Healthy!



Dog, kitty, rabbit and piglet picture are from!


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