Sex and Menopause – Wow That Was Blunt!

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So did you have sex this weekend?  I am not asking to be bold or  are really even expecting an answer but….

So many of the clients I work with are concerned about their sex life as menopausal women!

There are all kinds of drugs that claim they will take care of vaginal dryness, changes in the vaginal elasticity and shape and a drop in libido.

Deepak Chopra on a video I  watched the other day said that a persons sexual appetite is an indication of the person’s health: physical and emotional.  It can indicate an issue in the relationship, lack of exercise, poor diet and lack of sleep.  If you are “healthy” in all these ways you should have a strong sexual appetite.

I read an article today about the three foods that promote a strong libido:  red wine, chocolate and avocados – yum on all of these!

There are herbs that are supposed to boost your sexual desire level: nutmeg, maca root and ginseng.

My head is spinning from all the options.

So how do you gauge if menopause is affecting your libido?

I think for most of us, menopause is a time when all kinds of other things are happening in our lives, kids are no longer at home so we have more free time, our careers are well established so we don’t have to stress about climbing the corporate ladder as much, we are more definite in what we like, dislike, will and won’t live with and for many, relationships end with this new insight we have gained from living life and getting more clear on what we want!

So back to the sex question.

Has the frequency and the enjoyment level of the sex you are having changed for you at all since you started menopause?

I think Deepak really has somewhat of the right idea and as we age how healthy we are becomes more of a factor in our lives than when we were younger.

I know if I am tired, no amount of romance is going to get me to be anywhere but curled up with a good book in bed. Sorry honey but the latest Sue Monk Kidd novel is got my attention tonight!

Exercise, eating healthy and getting lots of rest definitely gives you more energy, more confidence and you naturally feel more attractive and for some of us, more flexible.  Hmmm!

There’s can be a lot of pressure put on women at this stage of life to keep up with their man’s active libido.

A good conversation about expectations, physical as well as emotional feeling about sex is most likely a good idea if you are feeling that a change has taken place.

So I would love to hear how menopause has affected your love life?

Are you one of the majority that has seen changes in the last few years? How have you handled that with your partner.

Please leave your comment below and remember:

You Deserve to be Healthy!



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