A Moment of Reflection – Okay I’m Done!


Today is the day before my birthday.

A moment of reflection, introspection and pause.

With each passing year one gets a better perspective on what is important, who is important.

As I sit here in my office, over-looking my gorgeous yard and surrounding forrest, I observe the birds, the passing clouds, the disappearing snow and the whisper of plants anticipate breaking through the ground and feeling the sun on their little leaves.

It’s been a good year, not the best year, but good.

I’m centered and calm…..for this second.

But hey, it’s Spring….

I have my cool weather veggie seeds planted with a plan for the rest. of the garden…..


I have my exercise and weight-loss goals set……


I have new cooking clients that I can’t wait to feed……


I have book lists, long-weekend getaway lists…..where I want to go hiking lists…..


I have a good job…a better business..with plans for expansion and world-wide healthy food domination……

My heart is pounding….I’m excited….

I love Spring, new possibilities, breaking out of hibernation, warm sun and lots of green!


So Happy Birthday and may this year be awesome…

May we set some and achieve most of our goals…

May you fall in love again – with yourself, your spouse, your pets, your kids, your garden, your food…..


May we focus more time and energy on our health, building a stronge immune system,  rockin’ digestion,  tons of energy and longevity!

And may we have peace!

You Deserve to be Healthy and for today…..eat cake! (dairy-free, gluten-free cake!)


Dog image at the top: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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