Cookbook Review – Eat Greens!


I have over 100 cookbooks, at one time over 200, and that is after and extensive, tear-filled thinning out!

I subscribe to cooking magazines, frequent cooking shows, cooking website and blogs…

You get to a point where you have to wonder..eventually you have got to run out of ways to cook veggies..

No really, there are only so many combinations, right?

I have, many times, checked out 10 cookbooks at a time from the library and as I have become much more health oriented, those cookbooks no longer include, “200 Cheesecake Recipe Cookbook”, “How to BBQ Everything” and”The Bread Bible”.  I usually go through an entire library’s cookbook section in under a few months.

I am usually looking for cookbooks that are filled from cover to cover with veggie recipes.

Yeah I find a recipe here or there that I copy and make, it’s kind of like going to a tag sale in a bad neighborhood.  You may find a little something here or there but not much.

I am always so psyched I did not buy the book – whew!  I am a sucker for all books but cookbooks are my Achilles’ tendon.

My hubby’s camera roll is filled with cookbooks I have seen and want to buy but am looking for the best price…filled!

Well last week I made a big score at the local public library.

I went in to find a Thai cookbook and walked out with…you guessed it like a dozen vegetarian cookbooks and one The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook (I’ll be reviewing that one next).  

Most of the books got returned within a few days but Eat Greens  – Seasonal Recipes to Enjoy in Abundance by Barbara Scott-Goodman and Liz Trovato has me hooked.. Shhhh I even went out and bought a copy and refuse to take this library book back until my copy arrives.

It is filled with simple yet delicious recipes, all organized by veggie.  

I like this style of recipe layout – that and seasonal.  You see a veggie you want to play with and you look it up.  Simple.

The recipes vary from things like Kale, Sweet Potato and Orzo Soup to Roasted Fennel, Pears and Mixed Greens Salad (my husband loved this one  – warm roasted fennel and pears – yes I said warm…soooo good!)

I like Sautéed Brussels Sprouts, Carrots and Apples – perfect entree, add a salad and you are feeling fine.

So check out this great veggie cookbook – I would tell you what library it is at but I am not giving it back, not yet, until the UPS dudes arrive.

So tell me about your favorite vegetable cookbook, I am always looking to expand my collection!

Leave your comment below and have a super yummy day.

You Deserve to be Healthy


They have a whole section on sauces! Yum…simple veggie topped with an awesome flavorful sauce my kind of easy.


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