Super Cool Vegan Cookbook – Isa Does It!


Isa Cookbook cover

I come from a long line of meal planners.

Last year my mom moved into an assisted living facility and my husband and I were charges with going through her condo and selling or donating all the items that she could not take with her.

As you can imagine, 80 years of living comes with tons of stuff but one of the big finds for me was her recipe collections. 5 recipe boxes filled with carefully written recipes.

I grew up in the 60 and 70’s so the recipes are not what I would now consider healthy but love having them around with this their special notations of when they were used and how they stood up to the critics!

As a coach and a personal chef I am always on the look out for great recipes that are healthy, super delicious and fast.

For my recent birthday my son and his girlfriend gave me a cook book I immediately fell in love with.

As a self proclaimed “raised on hamburger helper and instant mashed potatoes” Isa Moskowitz became a vegeatarian in the late 1980’s.

With the help of her mom, sister and friends she began her creative journey that has culminated in a super fun and creative cookbook – ISA DOES IT – Amazingly Easy, Wildly Delicious Vegan Recipes Every Day Of The Week!

One of my favorite passages from the intro about her journey into cooking – “This marks the time in my life when the kitchen went from smelling vaguely of microwaved frozen dinners to becoming the heart of our home.”

Her book is awesome.

She talks about some great ways to not only be ready to cook but on how to make it easier.

She has sections like:

Gadgets – Equipt it

Stock It – building a pantry and refrigerator of staples

Vegan Butchery – I love this – how many ways is there to cut tofu and tempeh?

7 Tips for cooking – my fav is “Plan and Scan” – how many times have you not read the recipe completely only to find out that something had to be made ahead of time like that vegan feta or those marinated veggies….dang it!

Swap Meet – modifications – love this too, it makes cooking more flexible and customizable.

Her book is filled with gorgeous pictures – yes we eat with our eyes, an artsy design, right down to the paper and each recipe has a small notes section to make things easier and more interesting.

I’ve had the book for about 10 days and made more than a half dozen of the recipes and they rock.

Her peanut (we use almonds) sauce is killer.

We roasted cauliflower and green cabbage.  Placed those, still warm along with chick peas on a bed of baby arugula and topped with her peanut dressing and man that was heaven.  We didn’t speak for 15 minutes and that’s a lot – we are yackers!

Check out Isa’s cookbook – if you are a vegan or just know that you should be eating a more vegetable based diet, you are going to love it.  It’s easy, fast and delicious!

You Deserve to be Healthy!

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