Pour Some Sugar On It! Is Your Sugar Habit Making You Look Old?


We all want to look our best.

We want to age gracefully without any drastic or painful procedures.

But as we age all kinds of fun stuff starts happening.

I have always considered myself a low maintenance kinda gal and I got away with it until recently.

Now as I prep to tape a tv segment or do one of my seminars, I can’t help but be a bit concerned about the condition of my skin, it is in serious need of some maintenance. I don’t even know how to use foundation.  (Is it even called foundation anymore?)

Yeah I can blame most of those wrinkles and age spots on my love of that “summer glow” in my 20’s and 30’s. It made us look healthy right?  Ouch, and that is not even including my diet that was filled with process foods, white flour, white rice and sugar.

Heavens knows if it was only genetics I’d look twenty years younger as my mom in her early 80’s is nearly wrinkle free – rats for me! 

So how does what we eat, primarily sugar, affect how our skin?

There is a huge connection between sugar:  inflammation, acne, swelling,  puffiness, under eye circles, sagging, brown spots and accelerated aging.

Sugar puts a hurting on collagen and leads to damage of the fibers that give our skin elasticity.

The culprit for this is a natural process called glycation, where blood sugar attaches itself to proteins and makes way for AGEs (Advanced Glyacting End products). Very appropriately anagrammed, these AGE molecules  can cause premature aging, skin dullness and sagging skin.

AGEs also affect the skin in the following ways:
·         Damages elastin and skin protein collagen, which are responsible for maintaining the skin’s elasticity and firmness.
·         Restricts the body’s ability to utilize and produce anti-oxidants, making the body more vulnerable to damage by free radicals.
·         Makes your skin more vulnerable and prone to sun damage (which is one of the leading causes of skin aging) by deactivating the body’s natural antioxidant enzymes.

The more sugar you consume, the more vulnerable you are to the damaging effects of glycation and skin aging. The sugar impact is felt mostly after the age of 35, as tissue regeneration slows down and glycation increases.

So if you want to slow the aging process down, stop eating all that sugar, white flour and white rice!

The biggest culprit in our diet is sugary drinks and processed food particularly those foods that are high in the whites: white flour, white sugar and white rice. These foods are huge contributors to the aging of our skin and our bodies.

 Many people switch to diet soda thinking that they are comsuming less sugar.  This may be true but now they are drinking somehing that is much worse for their health.

The best thing to drink is water.  It is great for your body and will refresh and renew your skin.
Eat more leafy greens and good oils, these foods will also slow down aging.
It is never too late change and slow down the aging process!
You Deserve to be Healthy and Look Great!


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