The One Food My Dad Hated! Asparagus The Spring Cleanser!

So my dad would eat anything.

He hated to waste any food whatsoever.

But he hated, I mean passionately loathed asparagus!

That is just craziness.

Aspargus Pic

Asparagus is awesome for you and so easy to prepare!

Check out this little video a did a few years back on asparagus!

Check this video out!

Ok I didn’t say asparagus guaranteed a good hair day! Jeeze.

But here are some of the health benefits from eating asparagus:

High in vitamins and mineral, like tons!

A huge supplier of beta-carotene

High in fiber

A diuretic, so helps reduce the occurrence of kidney stones- spring vegetables help clear and clean the body.

Reduces type 2 diabetes by increasing insulin production.

So we add asparagus to omelets, stir-fries, as I said in the video we steam it, roast it put sesame oil or balsamic vinegar on it.

So this weekend when you go out food shopping grab a couple of bunches of asparagus and stuff them in everything!

You Deserve to be Healthy!

DSC_4822 - Copy





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