The Building Strong Bones Smack-Down! Leafy Green VS Dairy!

Boxing Gloves

It’s the opening round and in this corner we have leafy greens – kale, collards, spinach, romaine, red and green leaf lettuce

. mixed greens

And in the other corner we have dairy – yogurt, milk, cheese.

cows - Copy

This is the classic smack-down for bone health world-wide domination.

Dairy comes out strong: According to one study milk and yogurt promoted higher bone density in the hips but not the spine.

In the same study cream showed an inverse relationship, as it lowered bone density.

Oh, cream is tossed over the ropes into the crowd of angry woman!

Leafy greens counters: Low in calories, and super high in calcium and vitamins, the powerhouse leafy greens goes on the attack.

Broccoli jumps in the ring toting one of the highest calcium numbers for vegetables.

broccoli and mushrooms

The crowd goes wild! Dairy stumbles.

Leafy greens jump in for the kill and also supplies Vitamin K, D and magnesium.


Oh no, nuts and seed have joined the fight.


This doesn’t seem fair.

Dairy is cowering in the corner, it knows that it is responsible for helping to create an acidic environment in the body, which further robs bones of their calcium.


Caffeine, animal protein, white sugar, white flour and phosphates, found in soda, sneak out of the arena as they too contribute to the calcium bleed.

Dairy doesn’t have much fight left in it!  It tries to climb through the ropes to make a getaway!

Sesame seeds and almonds are doing a victory dance.

Sesame seeds are one of the most calcium rich foods there are.

Sesame seeds

Leafy green are taking over the ring.

Broccoli and kale have been boosted on the shoulders of the other leafy greens!

Victory is at hand.

Dairy is sneaking out of the arena – high in hormones, antibiotics and part of factory farming system the shame it too much.  Even it’s more healthy sister, organic dairy has stopped the leafy green trash talking!

The crowd goes wild and storms the ring with forks and plates.

The victors become lunch!

Cheers, back patting and vinaigrette is shared by all! Want strong bones?  Eat your leafy greens, veggies, nuts and seed!


You Deserve to be Healthy!

DSC_4822 - Copy


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