It’s 7am, Do You Know Where Your Breakfast Is?

Bread and Coffee

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Having a bagel and coffee, oj and a donut, a bowl of sugary cereal and milk?

Sure go ahead but get ready….you’ll be running for another cup of coffee and the vending machine by 9.

One of the best ways to balance your blood sugar, have more sustained energy and avoid some of those nasty lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease on some forms of cancer is to eat balanced hearty breakfast and lunch.

One of the best lunches for you to eat is a large salad with tons of veggies and 4-6 oz of protein in the form of clean meat.  Top it off with apple cider vinegar and flaxseed oil and you are talking long lasting energy with no need to snack in the afternoon!

Chicken on a fruit salad

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If you want off that processed food/sugar train you have to start the day off right with some heavy duty protein.

Protein keeps you feeling full longer and your energy steady.

It works much better than any of those grab and run options.

I can hear it  already – ” But Mindy, I don’t have any time in the morning.”

Question mark

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I am going to be blunt here – You want to be something different, well you have to do something different.

Yep obvious but I hear it all the time.

I posted a great cartoon to Face book the other day that shows a doctor speaking to an over-weight patient.

He says, ” You can exercise an hour a day or be dead for 24 hours a day!”  ahem!

So you have to do a little planning – come on you can do it!

Boil a dozen eggs and grab a couple on the way out of the house in the morning!

Make a pitcher of protein shakes with some fruit and some veggies – put them in serving size bottles that you can grab and go…

Okay I am going to be a smart alec – Wake up 20 minutes earlier and make yourself a veggie omelet or even easier…throw some spinach in a pan with olive oil  make a well in the center and pop in a couple of eggs….easy!


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I have a recipe for egg cupcakes that are awesome.  You make a dozen on a Sunday and grab a few each day.  Shoot me an email if you’d like that recipe.

Adding protein to that breakfast and lunch and getting away from the processed simple carbs is a great way to start reclaiming your energy!

Oh yeah did we mention nuts?  Grab some they will keep you full and power you up!

Now go out there and rock it! I have been watching way to much of Tony Robbins lately!

You Deserve to be Healthy!

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