What You Are Really Hungry For…..Love and Acceptance!


I have worked with tons of clients, mostly women but some men, that have taught me a ton about human nature and what we do to feel love.

Geneen Roth, has written a few books that I just adore.  Woman, Food and God and Lost and Found are my favorites.

She is a woman that has gained and lost over 1000 lbs in her lifetime and really understands the compulsions of eating.

Having never had a weight issue until I was in my 40’s, these books gave me great perspective on the connection between food and how we feel about ourselves and our need for love and acceptance.

And while I was always lucky enough to have a super fast metabolism and be a bit hyper the connection is there for us “used to be skinny” people too.

It appears over and over again in my client’s stories and gives me a fresh look at how we use food to feel the love we feel we are lacking.

My client stories….

One of my clients was a lonely child, left alone a lot and the eating of comfort food that he hoped would fill that void.

Another one of my clients was raised in a family of “fitness focused skinnies” who guarded the fridge, to protect her from herself.  Once off to college she ate with freedom (binging) but it never fulfilled the acceptance she craved from her family.  She became obese with her longing for acceptance.

A third client felt unloved as a child and wanted to fill that need with her children.  At meal times they refused her healthy food, and they always did, she would do whatever it took to please them.  The children turned mealtime into a dreaded power play.  This left her feeling bad  and unloved as a mother and the cycle would start anew each meal.

What you really want…

Some clients issues are due to how their body reacts and craves sugar but most are related to how they feel about themselves and the cravings they have to belong, be loved and accepted.

Think of a favorite food, what memory or emotion does it evoke in you?

For me, warm chocolate chip cookies remind me of childhood and coming home from school with my mom waiting for me with cookies. Fresh love and an accepting ear for my stories of the day.

When I am under stress or feeling lonely or unloved, I long for warm cookies….looking for that comfort.

The key is to be able to recognize what your feeling and why and find something that will make you feel good about yourself after. If you love your body, what would you do right not to show it that love?

Going for a walk, reading a book, listening to inspiring music or talking to a friend might be just the ticket for you to get that need filled in a more healthy way!

So tell me, what need do you think your craving are looking to fill?

You Deserve to be Healthy, Happy and Loved!

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