I Feel So Weird! Food Sensitivities and Intolerances!


The vast majority of the people I work with are pretty healthy.

They don’t have any dramatic medical issues but want to feel better.

Many have weight that they want to lose, some memory issues, slight digestive symptoms like gas and bloating and want more energy.

They are all cognizant that they want to age well, stay healthy and do it in the most natural way possible.

For many of us we have grown up believing eating healthy includes certain foods.

But the truth of the matter is, many of the “healthy” foods that we eat affect our healthy and well-being because we have developed an intolerance or sensitivity to that food.

Intolerances are very different than allergies.

The body’s reaction to that certain food is much less dramatic in the short term than say a peanut allergy that can produce anaphalactic shock if not treated immediately.

For some the body reacts to sensitivities within a few hours after consumption and sometimes it can take a few days.

Many people think that the issues that they are experiencing are just common issues associated with aging.

That is just not so.

For so many people giving up  foods that commonly cause issues, dairy, gluten, eggs and some fruit, can have a dramatic positive affect on their over-all health.

I suggest that you start by looking at the food you eat most frequently.

For most that tends to be dairy or gluten.

Give it up for a week and see how you feel.

Then you can add the next item and see how you feel until your achieve the clarity of mind, increased energy and digestive health you are looking for.

This is easiest to undertake with a coach or on a detox plan that will reset your body.

It is so much easier to gauge your reaction to foods after you have been without it for a few weeks.

Once you find the culprit in your intolerance or sensitivity you will be flying high.

You Deserve to be Healthy!



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