“Working with Mindy was as fun as it was informative.  Within short order, she was able to target some very big areas of payoff for my overall health through some relatively small changes in diet and focus.  I enjoyed her individualized approach and attention.  As a busy executive, I have very little time to devote to keeping up with latest thinking on diet and health.  Mindy is extremely knowledgeable and also understood the need to make the approach practical for my lifestyle.  I highly recommend her coaching. “
Donna H – President – Retained Search Firm – Philadelphia, Pa

I have dedicated my practice to helping my clients have more energy, more fun and create a healthy, delicious life. I do this by creating a customized sustainable health program that will support their success.

I have a BA from Pennsylvania State University in Social and Behavioral Sciences and a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the AADP.   

I have spent my whole life in business.  I was a headhunter/recruiter (yeah that is a stressful job) for about 7 years.  I have managed businesses and departments of people and was driven by deadlines and bottom-lines.  I was tired, unhealthy and unhappy! 

My journey to good health began a few years ago. I had been through an unpleasant divorce, changed jobs, moved from my home of 20 years, acted as caregiver to an aging parent, gained weight, had high blood pressure, skyrocketing cholesterol and chronic digestion issues. I was convinced that I would spend the rest of my life tired, unhappy and unhealthy.  I began to exercise, eat an organic plant based diet of local foods that supported my health. My outlook brightened.  I grew confident that not only would I survive the second half of my life but I had the power to make it great.

I identified the areas that I needed to change and began the process of becoming healthy. I am down 25 pounds, have good blood pressure readings, better cholesterol numbers, finally sleeping well, and no longer have problems with my digestion. 
I now enjoy great health and endless energy.

We all have stress in our life that affects our energy levels and our health.  We gain weight, get less sleep and eat foods that give us emotional comfort but do not nourish our body.

So what makes me a success….

*I am a business woman that solves real problems with logical, doable solutions! Not a bit cosmic!

 *I am very knowledgeable about food, nutrition and the methodology behind what it takes to make sustainable changes.

 *I have a certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (I graduated from both their first and second year programs) and have years of experience and in the study of nutrition, lifestyle and business.

*I have been there.  I was tired, overweight and had chronic digestive issues. I know how hard it can be to get everything done in a day when you are feeling so tired,stressed out and ill.

*I turned all that around while putting kids through college, working a job and taking care of an ailing parent.

*I am passionate about food, so my solutions are nutritious,  delicious and simple to prepare.  I can’t stand bland or boring and I don’t have time to mess around!

*I specialize in creating customized, sustainable programs that each of my clients need to achieve their health goals.

Let’s talk.
There is a Simple Solution


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