It Is Not About Being Perfect!



My clients run the gambit on their level of healthy eating.

Some are still eating at drive-thru burger joints, visiting Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a jelly filled for breakfast on the way to work and haven’t exercised in years.

Other clients are vegetarians or vegans, do yoga everyday but can’t lose weight, have digestive issues or just want to be healthier.

So where do you fall?

Like most people I sometimes sway with the breeze of whom I am with at meal-time.

At a friend’s house for a weekend, well then “when in Rome” applies.

I am a firm believer that as long as you are working to do better, then you are on the right track!

Life is short and there is some awesome food out there!

Yeah I ate a couple of mini brownies and drank some awesome wine from the Finger Lakes last weekend but…..

This morning I did my yoga, drank my dandelion based green drink and ate a light vegetarian lunch and dinner.

Right back on the proverbial horse!

In every situation I tried to choose the healthiest option but sometimes, every once in a while, that little mini chocolate covered cream puff calls my name, and I cave!

So when that happens, I eat that little bugger slowly, savoring every..tiny…bite and think, Hmmmm how can I make this, so they are healthy! 😎

So where do you fall on the spectrum of health eating?

Do you try to make good decisions most days?

If so, you rock! If not, how about giving it a try!

You Deserve to be Healthy!

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Many women I know have issues with diarrhea.  It limits their lives in ways that I can’t begin to imagine.

A dear friend of mine has such bad IBS and a strong reaction to lactose that she spends a large part of her morning confined to the nearest restroom if she is able to make it out of her house at all.  All this from eating a tiny bowl of ice cream or a cup of yogurt!

So what is really happening when we experience this issue?

It is truly amazing how much water is usually absorbed through the colon – two gallons every day.  If you have chronic diarrhea, you aren’t getting the maximum benefit from foods because you are not absorbing all the nutrients.

Diarrhea is a symptom, not a disease.  It is characterized by the frequent passage of watery stools.

Some of the more common causes are viruses, food poisoning, parasites, anxiety and nervousness or reactions to food, alcohol or medications.  Antibiotic, antacids and other products containing magnesium, anti-hypertensive medications, laxatives that are not bulk forming and medications for irregular heartbeat can all cause diarrhea.

Diarrhea is a healthy way for your body to eliminate the irritant causing you a  problem. Most experts consider it best to let it run its course if possible, while rehydrating to prevent dehydration.
You should seek medical attention if you have a temp above 101, a black tarry stool or diarrhea that persists for more than 10 days.

Here are  some of the specific causes of diarrhea:

The use of Antibiotics cause the intestines to become inflamed.  The result is diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever.  One of the easiest things to do to combat this issue is to take probiotics.

People who have lactase deficiency also have problems with diarrhea.  Milk sugar, lactose, cannot be absorbed by the small intestines.  Bacteria in the colon break the lactose into simple sugars, which then exert an osmotic force in the colon, resulting in loose stools.  Avoiding dairy will generally help you to avoid this type of reaction.

Certain bacteria give off toxins that stick to the intestinal lining.  Although these toxins do not damage the intestinal lining they do cause the cells to secrete massive amounts of fluid, which results in voluminous watery diarrhea so typical of food poisoning.

Certain diseases can result in diarrhea.  Crohn’s disease , a common form of inflammatory bowel disease, tends to impair absorption and leads to diarrhea.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome or (IBS) is the most common cause on chronic diarrhea in women in developed countries.

Acute diarrhea can also be cause by parasites.  Many times these are found in contaminated water and can be very common in developing countries.

Traveler’s Diarrhea is caused by ingesting contaminated food and/or water.

Chronic diarrhea, or an issue that last beyond 2 weeks, is often caused by another disease.  Patients with AIDS are prone to develop diarrhea.  Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s and certain bowel infections, along with gallbladder removal and the consumption of a high fat diet can result in diarrhea.

Here are some tips on what to avoid and what you might want to try.  Remember that everyone is different, what works for one person may not work for you.

When you are experiencing diarrhea you usually are not hungry.  It is your body’s way of not feeding the intestinal “bugs”.  Many people find relief in the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce and toast.  These foods are binding and bland.

Foods that have a  high protein content such as meat, chicken, fish and eggs more readily support overgrowth of bacteria than do carbohydrates.  Dry food is less likely to cause food poisoning.  One important key is refrigeration: food should never be allowed to sit without refrigeration for more than three hours.

Avoid sorbitol, mannitol and xylitol that are found in dietetic candies and sweets that cause diarrhea.  Some people have the same reaction to fructose and lactose.

Avoid dairy products as lactose is an irritant for many people.

Investigate food allergies and sensitivities with an elimination diet.

Take probiotics to restore the healthy bacteria that can be destroyed by taking antibiotics.

Use olive oil.  Some studies show that oleic acid, the main fatty acid in olive oil slowed down the transit time in people with chronic diarrhea.  Give it a try and see if it works for you.

Use Psyllium daily to solidify stools.  Begin with 1 to 2 teaspoons in at least 8 oz of water.  It may give you gas at first but that should calm down after a few days.

Hydrate:  The most important thing you can do if you have a bout of diarrhea is to drink 8 to 10 glasses of fluid.  Water, fruit juice or vegetable juice is the best.  Avoid dairy products since milk sugar may be poorly absorbed and cause more irritation.

To avoid traveler’s diarrhea remember to always drink from sealed water bottles.  The most common food contaminates are fruits and veggies.  If you can’t peel it don’t eat it.  Washing fruit in local water will only make it worse.  Wash your hands frequently.

Diarrhea is seldom serious but can be very annoying and restrictive.

As a nutrition coach I help many of my clients figure out what food affect their digestion and what food really enhance their health.  If I can be of any help, let me know.

I would love to hear from you.

You Deserve to be Healthy!

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Super Cool Vegan Cookbook – Isa Does It!


Isa Cookbook cover

I come from a long line of meal planners.

Last year my mom moved into an assisted living facility and my husband and I were charges with going through her condo and selling or donating all the items that she could not take with her.

As you can imagine, 80 years of living comes with tons of stuff but one of the big finds for me was her recipe collections. 5 recipe boxes filled with carefully written recipes.

I grew up in the 60 and 70’s so the recipes are not what I would now consider healthy but love having them around with this their special notations of when they were used and how they stood up to the critics!

As a coach and a personal chef I am always on the look out for great recipes that are healthy, super delicious and fast.

For my recent birthday my son and his girlfriend gave me a cook book I immediately fell in love with.

As a self proclaimed “raised on hamburger helper and instant mashed potatoes” Isa Moskowitz became a vegeatarian in the late 1980’s.

With the help of her mom, sister and friends she began her creative journey that has culminated in a super fun and creative cookbook – ISA DOES IT – Amazingly Easy, Wildly Delicious Vegan Recipes Every Day Of The Week!

One of my favorite passages from the intro about her journey into cooking – “This marks the time in my life when the kitchen went from smelling vaguely of microwaved frozen dinners to becoming the heart of our home.”

Her book is awesome.

She talks about some great ways to not only be ready to cook but on how to make it easier.

She has sections like:

Gadgets – Equipt it

Stock It – building a pantry and refrigerator of staples

Vegan Butchery – I love this – how many ways is there to cut tofu and tempeh?

7 Tips for cooking – my fav is “Plan and Scan” – how many times have you not read the recipe completely only to find out that something had to be made ahead of time like that vegan feta or those marinated veggies….dang it!

Swap Meet – modifications – love this too, it makes cooking more flexible and customizable.

Her book is filled with gorgeous pictures – yes we eat with our eyes, an artsy design, right down to the paper and each recipe has a small notes section to make things easier and more interesting.

I’ve had the book for about 10 days and made more than a half dozen of the recipes and they rock.

Her peanut (we use almonds) sauce is killer.

We roasted cauliflower and green cabbage.  Placed those, still warm along with chick peas on a bed of baby arugula and topped with her peanut dressing and man that was heaven.  We didn’t speak for 15 minutes and that’s a lot – we are yackers!

Check out Isa’s cookbook – if you are a vegan or just know that you should be eating a more vegetable based diet, you are going to love it.  It’s easy, fast and delicious!

You Deserve to be Healthy!

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I’m Tired and Don’t Have The Time!



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The lights go up in the studio and the participants enter.

Richard Dawson (yeah I’m old) welcomes the Smith and Jones family to another episode of Family Feud.

Today’s show is about Eating Healthy.

And the first question is:

What is the reason that you are still eating food that is making you over-weight, sick and tired?

The Jones family wins the toss and goes first.

Aunt Ramona:  “We have no idea what food is healthy”

Survey says – bzzzz – that’s number 5.

Uncle Ernie: “It’s too expensive”

Survey says – bzzzz – that’s number 3.

Little Jimmy Says: “I’ll take an e”

Survey says – bzzz wrong show that is Wheel of Fortune, Jimmy needs some real food so he can form some clear thoughts.

Grandma: “Healthy food taste like cardboard!”

The Jones go wild cheering this has got to be the #1 answer.

Survey says – bzzzz – that’s the number 2 reason that people are still eating food that is not healthy.

Mom, totally disgusted with the family: “It takes way to much time to make healthy meals.  I work all day, have to take the kids to their activities, then there’s grandma to look after and by the time I get home it’s like 7pm, I am way to stinkin’ tired to start cooking a meal.  We eat pizza, take-out, anything that you can make fast and be done with the whole thing!”

The Jones family goes wild, patting a tired mom on the back and cheering, yeah this has got to be the number one answer!

Survey says: The #1 reason people eat unhealthy meals is because they do not have the time to plan, shop and prepare the type of food they know is good for their family.

So why are you eating the food that makes you unhealthy?

Food should boost your energy (long-term) slow down aging, boost your digestion and immune system.  It should help you to think clearly, ward off colds, give you what you need to live your life to the fullest.

Nope we are adding any hours to your day, yep you have to go to work and do all the other things your life demands but you can eat healthy.

Here is where we go a little commercial, on you turn away if you are not looking for a solution…..

If you are looking for a way to eat healthy but do not know how to get one more thing into your busy day…..

Please contact me, I can help!

I offer:


Menu planning and shopping list creation

Health Coaching – learn what you should be eating and how to get it done with the least amount of time and effort!

If you live in lower Fairfield County, CT:

Food shopping services

Personal Chef Services at your place or delivered weekly

Personal Cooking Classes

I’d love to hear from you.  Let me know where you are struggling to make the change to eating healthy food!

I can help!

You Deserve to be Healthy!


A Well Stocked Kitchen!

It takes a while to get to this point.

With kids and their diverse tastes and my never ending interests in all types of cuisines, I never had what I needed on hand.

It drove me nuts to have to run to the store if I wanted to make something that wasn’t on the menu list.

I am finally at the point where I have established the type of food we love to eat and have a very well stocked kitchen.

I find that I can make almost any recipe I run across or imagine.

It may take a few substitutions or modifications but I’m there.

So what does it take to be in the “well-stocked” zone?

First an examination of the types of food you eat.

We do a ton of salads, veggies and simple animal protein.

Our meals center around basic, whole foods with little processing.

I rarely make the same thing twice but the difference in dishes may be the veggies, grains or spices used.

When I was all over the place taste-wise, it was too hard to have a well-stocked kitchen.

Imagine a well-stocked Italian kitchen, a well-stocked classic America-cuisine kitchen, a well stocked Mexican kitchen, you get the idea.

It is all about that “jack of all trades, master of none” thing I had going on!

Now that we are loving what we are eating I can create depth in what I have in my kithen.

If you were to look in my kitchen today, you’s see:  

romaine, kale, spinach, cabbage, Bok choy, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, scallions, red and white onions, celery, peppers, mushrooms, green beans, peas, snap peas, baby spring salad blend, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, ginger, leeks

apples, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, avocado, occasionally bananas

parsley, basil, cilantro, mint, thyme, rosemary and marjoram

almond milk. coconut milk, coconut yogurt and yes some organic butter

ketchup, mustard, a few jams, horseradish, salsa, wasabi, flaxseed oil, barbecue sauce, tamari, sauerkraut, pickles, miso,  and mayo (all organic)

Canned goods in other packages – not loving cans – you can get most of these things in jars, dried or boxed
beans, tomatoes, pasta sauce, olives, a couple cans of soup, apple sauce, artichoke hearts and a couple cans of tuna.

Baking supplies:
too numerous to name but all the basic stuff

you name it I have it – if I don’t use it on a regular basis I buy a tiny jar but the popular ones I buy a lot of.  (Penzey Spices in heaven)

Grains and Pastas:
quinoa, rice, couscous, home-made orzo, wheat berries, oat groats, rice noodles, lentils, and non-wheat pastas.

Nut and Seeds:
you name it I have it.  I buy a little each time I shop so I keep my stock up without breaking the bank.

The key here is to analyze what you eat,  then create a list of what you need to have on hand at all times to be able to prepare those meals.

Need some help with this?  

In my two session”Meal Planning” program, you will learn how to create a plan that will  help you create a well-stocked kitchen, save you time and money on your meal preparation

Shoot me an email or give me a call! or 203-210-7462!