Now That It’s Fall It’s Back To Business


I know I am not unusual…strange maybe, kinda quirky, but not all that different from the average middle-aged woman.

I love the fall…okay I am a weirdo, I like fall better than summer…..

More than January 1 or the promise of spring, I find fall to be the season when I am most motivated to get healthy, lose weight and I get super excited about cooking and eating healthy food.

Gone are the lazy days of summer. Ya lazy ’cause it is so stinkin’ hot!

But It is still warm enough to get out and move.

And sleep, well who doesn’t love the cool nights, under some cozy blankets, windows still open!

I am going back to bed right now!


I love my salads and fresh garden veggies (my garden this year was grass and poison ivy) but ah for the love of stews, soups and warm comfort food…..

My first goal is to eat more seasonally – looking forward to the cabbage, squashes and sweet potatoes.

I’ll be right back I need to look in the fridge, I am starving!

My second big goal this fall is to exercise. I’m a book nerd..I would rather read! Sooooo…….

I bought a fitbit, hooked up with some friends for a good dose of peer pressure and I am now walking 10,000 steps a day, along with 20-60 minutes of yoga.

The scale isn’t dropping much yet, but hey we all know that we post-50 ladies take a whole lot longer to move that dial, but my pants feel comfy and I have tons of energy. Score!

My third big goal is to get my digestion on-track, everyday, consistently! This is one of the biggest keys to good health and weight-loss.

So more water, more fiber!

So what are you doing now that the kids are back in school (mine are long gone – little devils) and you have maybe a little more time to focus on yourself?

The holidays are only a few months away, I know – shut-up woman, now is the time to form some strong healthy habits that will carry you through.

Now that I am back on the blog…..I’ll be bringing you healthy tips, some easy recipes and as always offering coaching and cooking services…..

Let me know what you need!

And always remember…

You Deserve to be Healthy

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Morning Rituals – What a Way to Start Your Day!

Woman in bathrobe

Rise and sunshine!

Ahhh there are some days that just start so sweet and calm that you just know the day is going to be a good one.

And then there are others where the alarm goes off but you don’t hear it and now your 30 minutes late and you have to take a shower, and get dressed but nothing looks good and there’s nothing in the frig for breakfast and the car is almost out of gas and you don’t have any cash because you forgot to stop at the ATM…grrr all because you started the day off, wrong!

Morning rituals!

For most of us there is a little exercise , a little personal hygiene, some caffeine, a little quick breakfast and then we’re off!

In order to stay centered and focused it is important to create a morning ritual or routine.

Mine looks like this:

6am take dogs out, food and water

6:15 warm lemon water and fill the jacuzzi

6:30 – 7:45 float, read, sip warm lemon water and plan my day

7:45 – 8:05 morning manifestation meditation

8:05 – 8:15 get dressed, pick up bedroom

8:15 – 8:30 create my morning green juice and pot of tea

8:30 Work!

I do this every day.

Some days I read inspirational books, some days great literature and some days blogs about increasing your blog traffic, increasing your Facebook followers or cool new recipes!

Every day when I am done I have at least three things I want to accomplish that day that will push my business along.

Your morning ritual could look completely different than mine and that’s cool.

Maybe you lounge in bed drinking a cup of coffee or maybe you go for a morning run.

Many of my clients start their day with a cup of tea and the paper.

How ever you start your day, try to create a morning ritual that leaves you feeling calm and happy.

You Deserve to be Healthy!

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What Feeds Your Soul?


There was a time that I felt so stressed out, not enough time, not enough sleep, too much to do and just not enough time spent on those things that nurture my soul.

I think as we age we either become more unhappy with the path we have taken and the burdens of life or we become searchers for a way to find peace.

As a lover of walking and nature, I have always spent a lot of time outside in all kinds of weather, walking off stress and nervous energy yep I am your stereo-typical type A personality.

In the last year I have become so consumed with all that I was doing that I have stepped away from walking and nature.

But in the last few month I have noticed my desire to find peace in the outdoors is back.  I have bird feeders outside my office window that have captivated me all winter long. Woodpecker, chickadees, tufted titmice, juncos, bluejays, nut hatches, hawks and cardinals have all spent those cold winter months at my window.


We have watch fox, deer and turkeys make their way through our property.



Just yesterday my husband and I took a long walk outdoors on a nature trail near our house and it felt so good to be back in the place I love best.

My husband recently bought me a camera for my birthday and on our hike I began snapping photos of  the early spring as it emerges from the cold damp earth. We had a wonderful time.

These are some of the pictures I took of new life in what seemed hidden in the monochromatic woods. 

Spring beginnings in the tiniest ways.







That 90 minutes we spent in the woods changed my mood for the whole weekend. I was calm, happy, at peace!

So what makes you happy? Gets you excited? Feeds your soul?

Please share below.  I would love to hear from you.

You Deserve to be Healthy!

Cookbook Review – Eat Greens!


I have over 100 cookbooks, at one time over 200, and that is after and extensive, tear-filled thinning out!

I subscribe to cooking magazines, frequent cooking shows, cooking website and blogs…

You get to a point where you have to wonder..eventually you have got to run out of ways to cook veggies..

No really, there are only so many combinations, right?

I have, many times, checked out 10 cookbooks at a time from the library and as I have become much more health oriented, those cookbooks no longer include, “200 Cheesecake Recipe Cookbook”, “How to BBQ Everything” and”The Bread Bible”.  I usually go through an entire library’s cookbook section in under a few months.

I am usually looking for cookbooks that are filled from cover to cover with veggie recipes.

Yeah I find a recipe here or there that I copy and make, it’s kind of like going to a tag sale in a bad neighborhood.  You may find a little something here or there but not much.

I am always so psyched I did not buy the book – whew!  I am a sucker for all books but cookbooks are my Achilles’ tendon.

My hubby’s camera roll is filled with cookbooks I have seen and want to buy but am looking for the best price…filled!

Well last week I made a big score at the local public library.

I went in to find a Thai cookbook and walked out with…you guessed it like a dozen vegetarian cookbooks and one The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook (I’ll be reviewing that one next).  

Most of the books got returned within a few days but Eat Greens  – Seasonal Recipes to Enjoy in Abundance by Barbara Scott-Goodman and Liz Trovato has me hooked.. Shhhh I even went out and bought a copy and refuse to take this library book back until my copy arrives.

It is filled with simple yet delicious recipes, all organized by veggie.  

I like this style of recipe layout – that and seasonal.  You see a veggie you want to play with and you look it up.  Simple.

The recipes vary from things like Kale, Sweet Potato and Orzo Soup to Roasted Fennel, Pears and Mixed Greens Salad (my husband loved this one  – warm roasted fennel and pears – yes I said warm…soooo good!)

I like Sautéed Brussels Sprouts, Carrots and Apples – perfect entree, add a salad and you are feeling fine.

So check out this great veggie cookbook – I would tell you what library it is at but I am not giving it back, not yet, until the UPS dudes arrive.

So tell me about your favorite vegetable cookbook, I am always looking to expand my collection!

Leave your comment below and have a super yummy day.

You Deserve to be Healthy


They have a whole section on sauces! Yum…simple veggie topped with an awesome flavorful sauce my kind of easy.

I’m Tired and Don’t Have The Time!



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The lights go up in the studio and the participants enter.

Richard Dawson (yeah I’m old) welcomes the Smith and Jones family to another episode of Family Feud.

Today’s show is about Eating Healthy.

And the first question is:

What is the reason that you are still eating food that is making you over-weight, sick and tired?

The Jones family wins the toss and goes first.

Aunt Ramona:  “We have no idea what food is healthy”

Survey says – bzzzz – that’s number 5.

Uncle Ernie: “It’s too expensive”

Survey says – bzzzz – that’s number 3.

Little Jimmy Says: “I’ll take an e”

Survey says – bzzz wrong show that is Wheel of Fortune, Jimmy needs some real food so he can form some clear thoughts.

Grandma: “Healthy food taste like cardboard!”

The Jones go wild cheering this has got to be the #1 answer.

Survey says – bzzzz – that’s the number 2 reason that people are still eating food that is not healthy.

Mom, totally disgusted with the family: “It takes way to much time to make healthy meals.  I work all day, have to take the kids to their activities, then there’s grandma to look after and by the time I get home it’s like 7pm, I am way to stinkin’ tired to start cooking a meal.  We eat pizza, take-out, anything that you can make fast and be done with the whole thing!”

The Jones family goes wild, patting a tired mom on the back and cheering, yeah this has got to be the number one answer!

Survey says: The #1 reason people eat unhealthy meals is because they do not have the time to plan, shop and prepare the type of food they know is good for their family.

So why are you eating the food that makes you unhealthy?

Food should boost your energy (long-term) slow down aging, boost your digestion and immune system.  It should help you to think clearly, ward off colds, give you what you need to live your life to the fullest.

Nope we are adding any hours to your day, yep you have to go to work and do all the other things your life demands but you can eat healthy.

Here is where we go a little commercial, on you turn away if you are not looking for a solution…..

If you are looking for a way to eat healthy but do not know how to get one more thing into your busy day…..

Please contact me, I can help!

I offer:


Menu planning and shopping list creation

Health Coaching – learn what you should be eating and how to get it done with the least amount of time and effort!

If you live in lower Fairfield County, CT:

Food shopping services

Personal Chef Services at your place or delivered weekly

Personal Cooking Classes

I’d love to hear from you.  Let me know where you are struggling to make the change to eating healthy food!

I can help!

You Deserve to be Healthy!


It’s the Smoothie VS Juice Big Health Drink Smack Down!

Juice and Smoothie










Yeah juices are all the rage and you know why?  CAUSE THEY’RE DELICIOUS!

Good tasting, good for you and if you have your own juicer they are easy to make.

I get asked all the time if I think juices or smoothies are better for you.

Both have their advantages:

watermellon smoothie

Watermelon Smoothie

Smoothies:  More fiber, more filling, tend to be sweeter, easy to make without any additional equipment as everyone has a blender, very little waste, you can incorporate nuts and seeds into the mix so more of a protein type feel which to many seems more like a meal and one of my clients favorite reasons to like smoothies – you can hide stuff on your kids in smoothies, like kale, spinach, romaine and they never know…shhhhh!

Carrot Orange Ginger Juice


Carrot, Ginger and Orange Juice

Juices:  Faster nutrient delivery – the fiber has been stripped away, tends to be lower in sugar, easier to drink and while you feel satisfied you don’t feel super full, you can get a phenomenal amount of veggies in you fast and easy, more veggie oriented for the most part, for some of us it promotes better regularity than smoothies do, if you have any thing going on that is forcing your body to struggle to obtain nutrition from your food, BAM juices delivers and fast, lower in calories, generally, and let’s face it some can be a beautiful work of art! Damn I love beet juices!

Super Anti Inflammation Smoothie

Blueberry, Sour Cherry and Strawberry Smoothie

Okay so the nutritional value aside…this is something of personal preference.

Both share the “let’s clean up the frig/freezer of odds and ends” advantage.

I collect all the left-over fruits and veggies from my personal chef clients and make the “kitchen sink” juices or smoothies.

DE photos2

Today that was broccoli stalks, 1/2 a fennel bulb, some odds and ends celery, apples, lemons, a few leaves of chard, kale and collards oh and had half a pomegranate hanging around from a pom vinaigrette I made a few days ago.  This bad boy is good and my frig is oh so cleaned out! I’m not proud but I am I so yummed out, this juice rocked!

Yeah but we do the same with smoothies, earlier in the week it was some very ripe bananas (can’t juice those suckers) some fresh blueberries, the rest of a bag of frozen berries, almond milk, walnuts, chia and help seed. Clean as a whistle and sippin’ pretty!

Berries copy

So wether you choose to drink a smoothie or a juice just bear in mind these few things:

Make the ingredients organic – you are choosing to do something healthy don’t mess that up with crappy chemicals, pesticides and GMOs.

Make it fresh – no rotten stuff and it is best to drink what you have made that day – that said if you are making a blender full so you can grab and go – that is a boatload better for you than grabbing some of that other stuff that is more like dessert than a good way to start your day.

Watch the sugar – no, fruit in unlimited amounts is not good for you, maybe better than a bag of snickers bars, but sugar is sugar. Add just enough fruit so you like the taste but focus on the veggies.  As you make more and more smoothies slowly ease off on the fruit even more.  You want to shoot for no more than 2 servings of fruit a day.

Make them a meal – no they are not meant to be added to your bacon and eggs or waffles like a milkshake, these are all natural  traditional meal replacers..  Drink water with your meals, juices and smoothies will add way to many calories if added just as a beverage.

If you need help balancing your blood-sugar/cravings so you can eat three healthy filling meals a day without snacking or needing caffeine or sugary treats to make it through your day, let me know. Not only do I make healthy meals for some of my clients I also help many others achieve their goal weight and optimal health but figuring out what foods to eat and how to prepare them so they will love what they eat.

So let me know what your favorite smoothie or juice is?

Always remember: Your Deserve to be Healthy!  Drink up!

Have You Seen My Mind? Exercise and Your Brain!


Your body was meant to move.

Shake your groove thing.

Rock and Roll.

Okay so exercise will help you loose weight, have a healthier heart, stave off cancer, look better in your clothes and keep you looking younger for longer but did you know it can dramatically improve your mind?

Let’s face it, being middle age has its challenges but the ones that are the most distressing are brain fog, slips in memory, depression….

Don’t take it sitting down.  Let’s kick some middle-age mind’s butt!  Let’s stretch first….

“Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning,” says Harvard Medical School psychiatrist John Ratey, author of the book, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain

Did you know that aerobic exercise can be as effective as anti-depressants?  It promotes nerve cell growth that may have been damaged by depression. That beats the heck out of medication any day.

Movement transforms your brain.

It not only reduces stress but can reverse it’s affects on the body and brain. Researchers found that stressed-out women who exercised vigorously for an average of 45 minutes over a three-day period had cells that showed fewer signs of aging compared to women who were stressed and inactive. Wow, I feel calmer already!

Exercise enhances learning.  The act of moving and sweating creates new brain connections.  Like your exercise with a does of strategy, like tennis, dancing or riding a bike through traffic? 8-(  Expect to see even more improvement in your ability to learn if you regularly participate in sports that take thought. Complex activities not only have the advantage over more simplistic exercise but you add the intellectual component of strategic thinking -wow that is a twofer!

I wonder if reading while on my elliptical qualifies? 

Who can forget about the improvement in mood and motivation we get from exercise. This is the reason most of us exercise in the morning.  It pumps us up, makes us feel like we can do anything and makes us happy.  This is one of my favorite benefits of exercise. I’m psyched when I finish my 30 minute work-out and that feeling last throughout the day. Whoohooo!

Exercise protects us from mind-robbing diseases such and Alzheimer’s.  This is huge.  Most of us have been affected by or know someone who is by this life-robbing disease.  Exercise appears to protect the hippocampus, which governs memory and spatial navigation, and is one of the first brain regions to succumb to Alzheimer’s-related damage.  A simple walk each day not only can help stave off this disease but slow it’s progression once it has started.

Getting a little yancy aren’t you?   

Yes exercise is great for your body – your whole body.  Let’s do a little age reversal by starting a exercise practice. Nothing complex just a good walk, a dance or zumba video will do just fine.  Find something you like, can stick with and BAM you will be looking and feeling better in no time.

I think I will go jump on that machine and pump up my brain power.

What will you be doing today to BOOST YOUR BRAIN?

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Recharging your Batteries


I know after this post some of you are going to want to slap me.

Well maybe just strongly dislike me.

In recent years I have fallen in love with sleeping.

I spent most of my life fighting sleep.

I felt it was a waste of time, boring beyond belief and hey I was cool on 4 hours.

Well, I thought I was.

Between lack of sleep and eating junk food, I was operating on auto-pilot.

There were afternoons that I could not stay awake, had no idea what people were saying to me and couldn’t make a good decision if my life depended on it.

That happened almost every afternoon from 1-3. Zzzzzzzzzzzz!

The lack of sleep was draining my energy and stressing me out.

I knew it but hey when it got to be night-time, I was wide awake and ready to roll.

I knew something had to change, and so I did.

I started exercising more, eating better food and crawling into bed with a book each night around 10.

Secret: best sedative ever…..a book…just give me one at 10pm and I am guaranteed to wake-up some 8 hours later with it plastered on my face..ouch!

I also believe that naps are highly underrated.

If you are able to grab a 15-20 minute snooze – do it!  

So here are some easy tips to try if you are having trouble going to bed at night!

1.  Turn off the TV and computer an hour before you want to retire, put on some cool music, take a bath or put on some comfy night-wear and read a book.

2.  Make sure your bedroom is cool (I like it cold), dark and free from electronic devices…..

3.  Rise with the sun! If you are able to leave your drapes or blinds open do, you will naturally.  Having your internal clock follow the natural rhythms of the sun will help you to get a more restful sleep.

4.  Exercise every morning.  We are meant to move and part of the benefit is a more sound sleep.  Just don’t do it at night, you’ll have a hard time getting to sleep.

5. Eat the last meal of the day no later than 3 hours before bed and make it light – soups are best!

6.  Avoid alcohol after dinner – you may think it helps you to sleep but really alcohol just makes your blood sugar go all rogue and you wake up much more frequently.

7.  Watch your water intake (I know I do).  A couple of glasses of water in the evening will insure that you will be taking that bathroom walk of shame a couple times a night.

8.  Best of all and you’re gonna love this one…snack on about 1 oz of organic dark dark chocolate ( no milk and very little sugar added) about an hour before bed you will slip into sweet slumber in record time.

Once you get in the habit of sleeping 7-8 hours a night you will notice a huge increase in your energy, stamina and metal acuity.
Oh and an added bonus – you will look younger and be able to lose weight easier….

Can’t beat that!

Sleep tight!