OMG I’m Stressed! Stress and Your Digestion!


Your body reacts to everyday stress in the same way it reacts to the stress of being chased by a bear.

What is even more important is if you are plagued by constant stress your body will start to show the wear and tear of being on alert too much of the time.

Here are some signs that your digestion is being affected by stress:

·         Bloating:  When you are under stress you are more likely to swallow air, which can cause bloating.
·         Flare-ups with Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Studies suggest that stress will make flare-ups more frequent.
·         Diarrhea:  Stress can trigger diarrhea.
·         Ulcers:  Stress may not cause ulcers but they sure do aggravate them and can even increase the chance you will develop one.
·         Constipation:  If you suffer from this condition you know that if you add a little stress to the mix your balanced system goes way out of whack.
·         Acid reflux and indigestion:  These conditions are aggravated by stress and can lead to more damage in the esophagus.

So, in anticipation of future stress here’s what you can do to protect your digestion:

·         Walk it off: This is an aerobic exercise that not only lets you burn off the stress but  produces brain chemicals that perk up your mood.
·         Let it out: Okay so at the Thanksgiving dinner table you may not want to break down into an sobbing heap but if you feel emotional, the best thing to do is privately let it out.  Holding in emotions makes them more intense and creates a situation that affects your body.
·        Laugh it off: Hunt for the humor.  I like this one the best.  I am really good at looking at even the most stressful situation and finding something funny in it.  If you struggle with this, watch a comedy, read a funny book or watch your favorite comedian. 
·         Revamp your to-do list: Having too much to do really creates a lot of stress.  Rate the importance of each task and start shuffling the less important to another time.
·         Write in a journal or diary:  This ties into expressing your emotions.  Write it down and get it out.  Make sure that you don’t keep re-reading if it makes you anxious.
·         Listen to relaxing music: For some of us music can make all the difference in our mood and outlook!  Find music that lifts and inspires you and play it loud.
·         Breathe: I know when I am under stress, I hold my breath.  Not good!  Breathe in through your nose for a count of four; hold it for four, breath out through your mouth for a count of four.  Do this four times each day or when you feel stress.  It really works for me.
·         Catch those ZZZ’s:  We are better able to handle stress when we are well rested.
·         Put down the bottle: Alcohol can really bring out the emotions and not always in a good way.  Alcohol also dehydrates us and makes us tired and irritable.  Definitely not a de-stressor.
·         Eat foods that support you! Avoid sugar and process foods that will cause mood swings, cravings and a lack of energy.  Vegetables (mainly leafy greens) and small quantities of fruit with lean, clean protein will keep you operating at your peak, maintaining mental clarity and boosting your immune system. 
 So go out and enjoy life with friends and family.  Pay attention to how you are feeling and follow these 10 suggestions for beating stress and you should feel better soon!

You Deserve to be Healthy and Stress-Free!

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What Would You Do If You Had More Energy?


Yep talked about this one before but it is sooo important that I am doing it again.

What could you achieve if you had more energy? Where’s your spark?  You know you had one once!

What could you do with more energy? Write a book? Get a promotion or maybe a job you’d really love? Run a marathon? Start a business? Get out of a bad marriage? Move to a better place?

Having more energy is not related to your genetic make-up, people are not just lucky and have more energy.

They do things that give them more energy and avoid those things that reduce their energy!

I am reluctant to even write how easy it is to have more energy because your going to say, “Ya, I know Mindy but these things are hard to do.  You make it look simple but it really isn’t.  I’m busy, don’t know what to cook, don’t like to cook, can’t find the time for sleep or exercise and drinking water, palease…..that is a super big pain in the butt!”

Yep that is what you are going to say and then in the next breath….if only I had more energy!

On the off chance that I have a reader or two that really wants to have more energy, that really wants to accomplish great things in life, have fun with their kids, give great things to the world, I am sharing the 10 top things you can do to have more energy and tell you that I am here to help you get all the energy you need to do GREAT things!


1. Drink more water – no excuses, unless you live in a poor third world country you have access to clean water.  Drink-up! 8 glasses a day.

2. Eat more leafy greens – come on now – a spinach omelet, a salad with protein for lunch and a side salad with dinner isn’t too much to ask. I mean you can get those baby greens in a box, anyone can create a salad, no?

3. Get moving – move your body every day for 30 minutes.  You have 30 minutes and you need to moved it.  Get up a little earlier, walk at lunchtime, take the kids on a bike ride, walk on the treadmill.  We are not talking gym time here, but simple movement in everyday activities.

4.  Get 8 hours sleep.  I know what you thinking but you can do it if you really want more energy. There are strategies that will make this happen for you.  You have great things to achieve, get some sleep, the world needs you.

5. Dump the downers.  Harsh maybe but you know you want to.  Feel your energy level go from a 8 to a 2 when you see that certain person’s name on caller id? Unless it is your mom (and we have other ways to deal with her) dump them.  Be nice but please, do you really need that kind of negative energy? You’ve got stuff to do.

6. Dump the processed foods – like sugar, bread, fat-free stuff, white rice…most have chemicals and all of these mess with your insulin levels which affect your weight, digestion and energy levels. Once you start eating to have more energy you won’t need the bagels, donuts or other energy depleting foods that lull you into thinking that they keep you going throughout the day.

7.  Dump the dairy.  All of it if it affects your digestion, which we will find out once you go without for a week or two.  Most of it if it has no affect on your digestion, and that is really rare.  You will not have any idea how much of a difference this makes until your eliminated it for 7-10 days. Your energy will soar with dairy out of your diet.

8.  Dump most of the caffeine.  A cup is fine, needs to be organic as regular coffee has tons, I mean tons of chemicals in it.  If you think you are not affected by those well, I have a bridge to sell ya….

9. Dump the chemicals, pesticides, GMO’d food – buy as much organic as you can afford.  Chemicals will slow you down and may even kill you.  Who needs them.  Ever see the suits they wear to spray weed and pest killer on food crops.  This shit is toxic and we eat it.  It is slowing you down and making you sick.

10.  Find the thing that makes you sing! Whether it is a job idea, a hobby, a person, a pet, books…find what you love to do, what lightens your heart, what gets you up in the morning and do more of it….be selfish about it. Have someone else do the dishes or the laundry.  Ask for help, your have important stuff to do.

So you say, “hey Mindy this is all well and good.  Not anything I have not heard before but hey, I can’t do this myself.  I have a family, a job, and aging parent I care for. When the heck am I supposed to do all this stuff.  There is just way too much planning , preparation and time involved in having more energy!”

I can help.  I have helped tons of women and men have more energy!

It’s all started with a single phone call, a single email.

A single conversation about what you want to achieve, how having more energy change your life.

This first call is FREE! 

Email  me at

We will talk about how I can help you reach your health goals and if it feels right we can take your journey to better health, more energy and more life together.

Your life is important and you need energy to live that life so please give me a call or shoot me an email and let’s talk.

You Deserve to be Healthy and Have More Energy!

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The Building Strong Bones Smack-Down! Leafy Green VS Dairy!

Boxing Gloves

It’s the opening round and in this corner we have leafy greens – kale, collards, spinach, romaine, red and green leaf lettuce

. mixed greens

And in the other corner we have dairy – yogurt, milk, cheese.

cows - Copy

This is the classic smack-down for bone health world-wide domination.

Dairy comes out strong: According to one study milk and yogurt promoted higher bone density in the hips but not the spine.

In the same study cream showed an inverse relationship, as it lowered bone density.

Oh, cream is tossed over the ropes into the crowd of angry woman!

Leafy greens counters: Low in calories, and super high in calcium and vitamins, the powerhouse leafy greens goes on the attack.

Broccoli jumps in the ring toting one of the highest calcium numbers for vegetables.

broccoli and mushrooms

The crowd goes wild! Dairy stumbles.

Leafy greens jump in for the kill and also supplies Vitamin K, D and magnesium.


Oh no, nuts and seed have joined the fight.


This doesn’t seem fair.

Dairy is cowering in the corner, it knows that it is responsible for helping to create an acidic environment in the body, which further robs bones of their calcium.


Caffeine, animal protein, white sugar, white flour and phosphates, found in soda, sneak out of the arena as they too contribute to the calcium bleed.

Dairy doesn’t have much fight left in it!  It tries to climb through the ropes to make a getaway!

Sesame seeds and almonds are doing a victory dance.

Sesame seeds are one of the most calcium rich foods there are.

Sesame seeds

Leafy green are taking over the ring.

Broccoli and kale have been boosted on the shoulders of the other leafy greens!

Victory is at hand.

Dairy is sneaking out of the arena – high in hormones, antibiotics and part of factory farming system the shame it too much.  Even it’s more healthy sister, organic dairy has stopped the leafy green trash talking!

The crowd goes wild and storms the ring with forks and plates.

The victors become lunch!

Cheers, back patting and vinaigrette is shared by all! Want strong bones?  Eat your leafy greens, veggies, nuts and seed!


You Deserve to be Healthy!

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Super Cool Vegan Cookbook – Isa Does It!


Isa Cookbook cover

I come from a long line of meal planners.

Last year my mom moved into an assisted living facility and my husband and I were charges with going through her condo and selling or donating all the items that she could not take with her.

As you can imagine, 80 years of living comes with tons of stuff but one of the big finds for me was her recipe collections. 5 recipe boxes filled with carefully written recipes.

I grew up in the 60 and 70’s so the recipes are not what I would now consider healthy but love having them around with this their special notations of when they were used and how they stood up to the critics!

As a coach and a personal chef I am always on the look out for great recipes that are healthy, super delicious and fast.

For my recent birthday my son and his girlfriend gave me a cook book I immediately fell in love with.

As a self proclaimed “raised on hamburger helper and instant mashed potatoes” Isa Moskowitz became a vegeatarian in the late 1980’s.

With the help of her mom, sister and friends she began her creative journey that has culminated in a super fun and creative cookbook – ISA DOES IT – Amazingly Easy, Wildly Delicious Vegan Recipes Every Day Of The Week!

One of my favorite passages from the intro about her journey into cooking – “This marks the time in my life when the kitchen went from smelling vaguely of microwaved frozen dinners to becoming the heart of our home.”

Her book is awesome.

She talks about some great ways to not only be ready to cook but on how to make it easier.

She has sections like:

Gadgets – Equipt it

Stock It – building a pantry and refrigerator of staples

Vegan Butchery – I love this – how many ways is there to cut tofu and tempeh?

7 Tips for cooking – my fav is “Plan and Scan” – how many times have you not read the recipe completely only to find out that something had to be made ahead of time like that vegan feta or those marinated veggies….dang it!

Swap Meet – modifications – love this too, it makes cooking more flexible and customizable.

Her book is filled with gorgeous pictures – yes we eat with our eyes, an artsy design, right down to the paper and each recipe has a small notes section to make things easier and more interesting.

I’ve had the book for about 10 days and made more than a half dozen of the recipes and they rock.

Her peanut (we use almonds) sauce is killer.

We roasted cauliflower and green cabbage.  Placed those, still warm along with chick peas on a bed of baby arugula and topped with her peanut dressing and man that was heaven.  We didn’t speak for 15 minutes and that’s a lot – we are yackers!

Check out Isa’s cookbook – if you are a vegan or just know that you should be eating a more vegetable based diet, you are going to love it.  It’s easy, fast and delicious!

You Deserve to be Healthy!

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Top Ten Ways To Plug Into More Energy!


One of the top these complaints of middle-aged woman is that they are always tired and wish they had more energy!

Here are 10 easy ways to increase your energy!  

1)    Drink water.
         Most women are chronically dehydrated. Before you go for sugar or caffeine to boost your energy, have a glass of water and wait a few minutes to see what happens.  This is the number one way to boost your energy!

·         Caution: Soft drinks are now America’s number one source of added sugar.  

2)  Eat dark leafy green vegetables.
·         Green is associated with spring, the time of renewal with refreshing and vital energy.
·         Greens are full of vitamins and nutrients and great for improving circulation, lifting the spirit, purifying the blood and strengthening the immune system.
·         Broccoli, collards, bok choy, kale, mustard greens, broccoli rabe, arugula and dandelion greens are some of the many to choose from. 

3)   Get physical activity.
·         Start with simple activities, like walking or yoga—start with 10 minutes a day and increase. Exercise increases your energy.
4)       Use gentle sweets.
·         Avoid sugar and chemicalized artificial sweeteners.
·         Use gentle sweeteners like maple syrup, brown rice syrup, honey and stevia.
·         Also eat sweet vegetables such as yams, carrots, red peppers and beets.
5)       Get more sleep and rest and relaxation.
·         When you are tired or stressed, your body will crave energy.
·         These cravings are often a result of being sleep-deprived, going to bed late, waking up early, for months and years on end.
6)       Evaluate the amount of animal food you eat.
·         Eating too much meat, dairy, chicken and eggs can lead to low energy. So can eating too little! Experiment. Respect your body’s individuality.
7)       Take time for yourself.
·         Find activities that restore your energy, such as a walk, a bath, a museum, a movie or whatever you enjoy, and schedule a weekly date with yourself to do these things!
8)       Get in touch with your spirituality.
·         We are spiritual beings in a physical world.
·         Find ways to get in touch with your spiritual side, be it meditating, dancing, drawing, going to church or temple or being in nature.
9)    Get rid of relationships that drain you.
·         People can drain you of your energy. It doesn’t mean that they are bad, but it is good to notice who drains you and why.
·         See if you can transform those relationships by communicating and setting boundaries, or end the relationship.

10)    Reduce or eliminate caffeine.

·         The ups and downs of caffeine include dehydration and blood sugar ups and downs, making mood swings more frequent.  Once you kick the coffee habit you will have more, consistent, energy than you ever had under the influence of coffee!

Choose a few of these energy boosting ideas and you’ll be super charged in no time flat.

What do you do to have more energy?

You Deserve to Be Healthy!








In a perfect world, we would get all the vitamins and minerals we need from the food we eat.  Well this isn’t a perfect world and much of what we eat is nutrient deficient.  I rarely recommend supplements to my clients though I feel very strongly about a few.  Magnesium is one I whole-heartedly advise my clients to take.

Having had constipation issues for most of my life, I set out on a journey to find just the right combination of foods, exercise, fluid in-take and supplements that would get and keep me regular.  Magnesium is a huge component in that formula.  Besides supporting the elimination phase of digestion magnesium does a ton of other important things to keep you healthy. 

The vast majority of adults are magnesium deficient.  Here’s why.

Processed foods lack magnesium! Processing and cooking foods depletes many needed nutrients.
You need a certain amount of stomach acid to absorb calcium and magnesium.  Certain conditions as well as antacids deplete your stomach acids.
Some foods are high in oxalic and phytic acid and block the absorption of magnesium.
Junk food is lacking in magnesium.
Food is grown in magnesium deficient soil.
Many prescription drugs cause a magnesium deficiency.

Here’s what to do –

Eat a portion of your vegetables raw.
If cooking – steam quickly so they are still crispy.
Avoid eating Swiss chard, soy beans, and spinach on a regular basis as they contain oxalic acid that inhibits absorption of some key vitamins and minerals.
Avoid junk food.
Support organic farming. They understand the importance of the health of the soil and so their vegetables are more rich in nutrients.
Eat whole, organic fruits, vegetables and clean protein.
Supplement your diet with magnesium.

The power of Magnesium….
(and these are just a few…)

Helps with anxiety, depression, adrenal health and serotonin production.
Improve or eliminate muscle pain.
Protects against the toxic effects of chemicals such as food additives.
Is a blood thinner keeping things flowing and preventing vessel spasms.
Relaxes head and neck muscles that make migraines worse.
Helps to prevent muscle spasms of the heart blood vessels thus preventing heart attacks.
Reduces calcium build-up in arteries.
Increases bowel function which reduces toxicity  and  increases the efficiency of the absorption of nutrients.

As with any supplements it is important to do your research into how they will interact with the medications you are taking as well how this supplement will effect other conditions that you may have.

For more information check out The Miracle of Magnesium by Carolyn Dean.

This supplement has made a huge difference in my digestive health.

You Deserve to be Healthy