The Key To Good Health Is Eating Right for Your Dosha – Vata!



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So in this series we are going to break down the dosas a bit and simply talk about what you should be eating and doing according to your primary dosha this also applies if you are in a dosha imbalance…we will get into that one later…

Let’s start out with Vata.

We all know that person that is thin, has problems gaining weight, kind of nervous and flighty, always cold, has fine hair, a fair complexion, dry skin, creative and maybe has a tough time sleeping.

This dosha is ruled by air/ether.  These people float above the ground.  They tend to be a bit distracted, chattery and need grounding. I think of a humming birder a butterfly! Buzzing from flower to flower, never staying long, a bit skittish.

If this is your basic physical +/or emotional type, you can benefit from heavier more earthy foods, root veggies, hot soups and stews.  You need a little heft to your food, a little warmth.  Hot food for you is much better than cold.  Vattas do not do well on raw diets, especially in the winter. Their digestion gets a bit airy/gassy and agitated.  Where as the other types need to “lighten up” Vata types need to get grounded.

They have a tendency towards doing yoga but could use some weight training to bulk up their muscles.  They need strong routines to ensure that they eat properly as they tend to miss meals and struggle to get a good night sleep.  They tend to struggle getting and staying asleep.

Now even if you are not this type, you could be in a Vata imbalance. You’ll know if you are feeling some of the characteristics described above.  All of us experience times when were are stressed and or nervous, not sleeping well, distracted, feel a bit like we are floating, disconnected.  We feel kind of separate from what is going on…like an observer.

What you need is to be grounded.  A good baked potatoes with some butter or coconut oil, roasted root veggies, a bowl of hot vegetable soup or chili should do the trick.  Now that is not saying that a hearty bowl of chili is going to cure your ills ( well maybe for a short while). You do not need to address the issues that is making you Vata-esque but by simply eating food that is grounding you will heading out of that Vata imbalance you are feeling.

While a salad filled with leafy greens and tons of rainbow colored veggies is one the best meals out there, for a vatta this type of food fuels the airiness they feel.  That is not to say that they need to give up those incredibly healthy salads. It just means that a denser, heavier, warmer meal at Vata times will have a positive affect as opposed to aggravating the situation.

In many ways I am Vata and crave warm meals.  In the summer months I do eat a big salad with protein for lunch as it keeps me mentally sharp in the warm afternoons but I feel best if I eat a hot breakfast like oatmeal or a poached eggs and a hot dinner.  In the winter my favorite meal is soups and stews…heavy, hot, and grounding.

Next up – Pitta – fire and water!!!! I need a big glass of ice water please!